• NEW RMGI PYRAL BASF RTM LPR90 1/4″ 3608′ 1100m 10.5″ Plastic Reel Trident Hinged Box R38512

NEW RTM LPR90 1/4″ 3608 ft 1100 m 10,5” 265mm Trident Plastic Reel Hinged R38512

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NEW PRODUCT! Highest Output Long Play Tape on the market! Latest development in Analog Audio – a Long Play version of the Professional Tape – Studio Master SM900.

French manufacturer – who has inherited BASF tape technologies and machinery – has come out with a new product after 40 years! This is a Long Play tape with the highest output ever – in the Long Play category. New manufacturing technologies have made it possible. This tape provides professional results from a Semi Pro format.

As RMGI distributors, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Your feedback is important to us and customer satisfaction is always our priority.

• Width: 1/4″
• Length: 1100m
• Reel type: Plastic reel
• Hub type: Trident
• Packaging: Hinged box
• Backcoated
• Same formulation as SM900
• Excellent winding properties
• Low-speed recording compatible

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Tape Length (m)

1100 m

Tape Width (Inch)


Tape Width (mm)


Tape Length (ft)

3608 ft

Reel Diameter (Inch)

10,5'' 265mm

Reel Diameter (mm)


Reel Type or Pancake


Hub Type


Box Type



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